Keep Your Garage Door Opener Operating Smoothly

Arrange for torsion or extension spring repairs in or around Lansing, MI

Normally, your garage door opens and closes steadily and evenly. But if there's an issue with the torsion or extension springs, your garage door might slam shut or open crookedly. The springs are an essential part of your garage door opener setup, so you'll want to get them repaired ASAP.

Door Service is a top choice for spring repair services in Lansing, MI. We can work with traditional torsion springs, EZ-Set torsion springs, extension springs and TorqueMaster springs.

Watch out for these common signs of faulty springs

Having issues with your garage door opener? There might be a problem with the springs. You'll want to schedule a visit from our garage door repair specialist if:

  • Your garage door won't open all the way
  • Your garage door opens unevenly
  • Your garage door closes faster than usual
  • There's a gap between the springs
  • The springs look stretched out

If you notice any of the issues listed here, contact our garage door specialist right away to get fast and efficient spring repair services.